To all of my direct sales friends, I’m sorry.

So often people roll their eyes at Direct Sales companies or insist that they are just “pyramid schemes”.  Trust me, I was one of those people that ignored all of the random invites to the dozens of Facebook parties I received each week from someone selling something.  That was until it was my best friend selling something to raise money to cover medical bills from her son’s recent neurosurgery… how do you ignore that?  After that, I paid a little more attention.

These parties weren’t simply a way to get me to spend money, they were a mom selling a product she believed in so that she could earn extra money to enroll her child in soccer.  They were a mom earning a little extra income so she could stay home with a medically fragile child.  They were a mom taking her future into her own hands and working on her own terms.

I can’t help but laugh at this as I think about today… I started my day with Thrive as soon as I woke up to ensure I filled all of my nutritional gaps and had natural, clean energy for the rest of the day.

I used my Monat hair care products and Mary Kay cleansers, put on my favorite LipSense, my TenTenGirls Vantel Pearl earrings and Silpada stackable rings before heading out to spend the day supporting some great girls and shopping for some cute new LuLaRoe pieces.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll have the time to redo my nails and use some of my cute Jams!

To all my direct sales friends that I silently judged for years, never actually “attending” your virtual parties, I’m sorry.  I am here to support you now!


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