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After Hurricane Irma, we were left with more half-used candles that I care to count.  We had the obligatory white votive candles and a plethora of Yankee Candles that were almost empty and no longer able to be burned.  I try to reuse items whenever possible, and recycle whatever I cannot reuse.  Generally, I simply melt the excess wax from candles and dispose of it before either recycling or upcycling the jars.  In this case, it seemed wasteful to throw away all of the wax, so I set out to find some other use for it.

While I was at our local craft store shopping some sales, I decided to check out the candle making area and see what options they had available.  I ended up picking up these supplies – medium candle wicksliquid candle scent and a wick centering tool.  I opted for the sugared vanilla scent, since I had a project in mind, and I thought vanilla would be a good scent to mask the original scents without being too overpowering.

The process of melting down the old candles is fairly simple and requires little prep and tools.

Required Tools:
  1. Small pot
  2. Potholders
  3. Empty jar
  4. wick centering tool
  5. candle wicks
  6. liquid candle scent  – optional
  7. Trivet

  1. Bring water in small sauce pan to slow boil.
  2. Using the wick centering tool, place wick into empty jar, following directions on packaging.  We did not do this the first time, and struggled with getting the wick to stay in place as we added the melted wax.
  3. Place candle into boiling water and allow wax to melt.  As wax melts, transfer to empty jar using potholders.
  4. Once all wax has been,  use potholders to transfer to trivet and add the recommended amount of liquid candle scent.
  5. Allow to cool.  Cooling time can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes, depending on the size of your new candle.
  6. Once candle is solid and fully cooled, trim wick to desired length and enjoy!


I like to place all of the used candles on the stove so that the wax starts to get softer before I actually add them to the water.  This helps speed up the melting process.

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