Home Armor E-Z House Wash

For whatever reason, we end up with a lot of dirt and random debris attached to our house… more specifically, our front porch.  With all the rain and wind we’ve had recently due to some stubborn tropical depressions, it is worse than normal.  Instead of hiring someone to come in a pressure wash the house, we decided this was a great opportunity to try out a new product and see if we could DIY!

What was the worst thing that could happen – we wasted $15 and an afternoon?

After scouring our local Home Depot, we decided to test out Home Armor E-Z House Wash.  We went with the 64 fl.oz bottle that attaches to your hose, since it claimed to cover up to 4,500 sq.ft. and, according to the instructions, the product cleans in 10 minutes or less…

The instructions on setting it up and using it were fairly easy.  The hardest part for us was figuring out how to adjust the spray (user error!).

1. Spray surrounding plants with water before use.  This helps protect your plants from any damage from the cleaning solution.

2. Attach garden hose to nozzle with valve in OFF position.  Turn on water to hose.

4. Turn nozzle to CLEAN and coat the area, working from the ground upward.  Allow to work up to 5-10 minutes.  DO NOT ALLOW SOLUTION TO DRY.

5.  Turn nozzle to RINSE and rinse area well with water.  If staining persists, a second coat may be required.

7. Spray surrounding plants with water after use. This step is important to make sure you wash off any lingering chemicals so that you don’t damage your plants.

Although the bottle clearly says that it will reach the 2nd story, I struggled with reaching the window peaks and had to have the hubby use his extra height and longer arms to get all the way to the top (it was still a struggle for him to hit the peak).  That being said, you could see the product working on the trim around the 2nd story windows almost immediately.  This area was especially dirty, mostly because we can’t reach it with the small pressure washer my father-in-law brings over occasionally, so it probably hasn’t had a good cleaning since we had the new windows installed (2 years ago!).

The entire process of spraying the house and washing off the cleaning solution took a little over an hour.  We did end up going over the trim with a solution of 1 part bleach, 2 parts water after rinsing the house just to tackle some of the stains from when we removed our gutters last spring.  If we had a brush attachment for our hose, we may not have needed to do this, but we used only the pressure from the hose to rinse the house with no actual scrubbing.

Overall, the Home Armor E-Z House Wash did what it said it would do!  The only significant comment I would have is that the 64 fl.oz. jug that we had only covered the front of our house (along with a small test area we did on the side of the house) – the front of our house is between 2,000 – 2,500 sq.ft,, not the 4,500 sq.ft. that the company claims it will cover.

The biggest test now is to see how long it lasts before more gunk starts sticking again!









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