Our IVF Journey… beta!

Holy cow you guys!

We’re pregnant!

Our initial beta was 107.27, and that number more than doubled at our two subsequent lab draws, which is perfect.

Waiting for these test results was absolute torture!  I went to the outpatient lab to have my initial beta drawn before work, and anticipated hearing back within an hour or so about the results.  My IVF coordinator is amazing, and is super responsive and on top of things, so I knew she wouldn’t let me down!  I went all day (and I work 12 hour shifts!) waiting to hear something… I kept checking the app that our health system uses to update patients on their results with no updates.  Pure torture!

When I woke up the next morning and still had no updates, I called the lab to find out what was going on.  I was not so politely told that the results would get to my RE’s office once they were available and that I just had to wait.  If you’ve been following our IVF Journey, you know that I absolutely hate taking home pregnancy tests (we don’t even have any in the house!), so we just kept waiting…

My IVF coordinator finally called me late morning to give me my results, and had no idea I hadn’t tested at home already. “You’re SO pregnant!”  She instantly became my favorite person in the world  😀

Now we wait for our first ultrasound where we can see our little peanut!

**Apparently my labs were not submitted as STAT, which is why it took two torturous days for the results to come in… 

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