Let’s talk “Lifestyle Mix”

Are you underestimating Le-Vel’s Lifestyle Mix?

Many don’t understand its awesomeness because they’ve tried “other shakes”, are using another company now or they make their own.

Step 2 (our mix) is a vital part of the 3 core products. It compounds the ingredients in the capsules. It is meant to be taken while the capsules are in your stomach hence why you need to take the lifestyle mix 20-40 minutes after the capsules. Not an hour later or 2 hours later!

Here’s why Le-Vel’s premium ultra-micronized lifestyle mix is different…

It’s not a protein shake or meal replacement. It actually works WITH the capsules to create 1 synergistic formula that bridges your body’s nutritional gaps. The Formulators had to break it down into capsules and lifestyle mix because if you put the ingredients that are in the capsules into a drink it wouldn’t taste so good?!

So step 1 is the capsules, step 2 is the lifestyle mix. they combine and work together. Step 3 (DFT) completes the formula and provides sustained release all day.

All the testimonies you see from the Le-Vel fan page are from people using all 3 core products. If you use only 2, you WILL NOT get the full benefits!

Check out this post to see why I Thrive!

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