Our First Ultrasound

My hubby and I were still just over the moon after finding out that we were pregnant, and that our betas had continued to double when it was time for our first ultrasound at six weeks pregnant.  After our first pregnancy and the devastating news we received at that initial ultrasound, it is safe to say we were also pretty nervous.

At six weeks, my best friend was the only person that knew about our pregnancy.  Although we would tell our families either way, we wanted to wait until after the initial ultrasound to share our news.  I think we were also enjoying our precious little secret for as long as possible .

We went into the appointment cautiously optimistic.  We were hopeful that we would see a perfect, strong heartbeat with no surprises… At this point we should know to always expect at least one surprise!

Our Ultrasound


As our RE started the ultrasound, we all chatted, as usual.  Our RE told awful jokes and we laughed nervously waiting for the news – how was our perfect, loved little baby doing.  We were anxiously watching the screen as the ultrasound was completed, but didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.  When our RE causally said “You have two parasites growing in there…” it took a minute for it to sink in.  Two?!? As soon as that statement sunk in, I could see clear as day – two little embryos!  Although our RE thought that everything looked good with Baby B, he was a little concerned with Baby A and wanted to keep an eye on them.  We were warned that when we returned in 2 weeks we may only have one embryo.  At that point, we didn’t care – we had two beautiful babies right now.

As soon as we walked out of the office, Hubby pointed at me and laughter hysterically.  He said “well, at least it’s not three!’ and we walked floated back to our car.  We drove back to my work in a mix of excitement and complete shock.  Twins.


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