Our scaredy pup

Our sweet not so little pup, Morgan is afraid of just about everything, so Fourth of July is one of her least favorite days of the year…

We have tried various things in the past to help her cope with the loud noises that come along with the 4th and our regular storms during the summer.

The ThunderShirt terrified her – she’s afraid of the velcro and would runaway whenever she saw it coming (**although we’ve heard good things about it helping other pets!)

We’ve dressed her in puppy shirts, which have calmed her a little, however she gets so overheated.

Calming oils and soothing music do very little to help, either.

Typically the poor thing just ends up buried under our pillows until the noises pass….

In a last ditch effort, we decided to try wrapping her with one of my scarfs, to give her the snug feeling of wearing clothes without her getting too hot.

**Spoiler alert** – IT WORKED!! Morgan still is quite displeased during storms, *but* she stays out in the living room with us pouting, rather than hiding in the bedroom. We’ll count that as a win!

We used a longer scarf because our little love muffin is a big “husky”. We started by wrapping it under her chest and up around her neck; it then went back under and behind her front legs, under her belly and back up over her back, where we tied it in place. She will actually pick up her belly so I can wrap her – I take that as approval on her end!

She’ll even snuggle with me on the couch during a storm with her new wrap on!

We’ll see how long this lasts

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