Our Second Ultrasound and Telling Our Families

Twins at 8w5d

Our second ultrasound was scheduled at 8 weeks gestation (6 weeks after transfer).  Although we were elated at finding out we were pregnant with twins, we were nervous about this appointment, as we would find out if both twins had survived.

Thankfully, we were able to quickly see two perfect heartbeats once the ultrasound started .  Our RE did feel like the babies were both measuring a bit small for their gestational age.  Since our babies were conceived through In Vitro Fertilization, our dates are pretty concrete.  There may be a few days wiggle room if the embryos implanted a little later than normal.  Our RE, however, felt that based on their current measurements, our babies were measuring almost a week behind.  Despite this, both had strong heartbeats and were growing proportionately.  Small or not, as far as we were concerned, we had perfect little babies!

Telling My Family

Thankfully, neither side had been asking too frequently how our last IVF cycle went, so we were able to hold out and tell them the way we wanted.  Hubby had asked his family not to ask us details and to let us keep them updated, and I simply avoided my mom as much as possible, which is hard considering we live in the same town!

My mother’s Mother’s Day surprise

Our second ultrasound was the week of Mother’s Day, so we decided to tell our parents through a fun Mother’s Day gift.  We were celebrating Mother’s Day with my in-laws this year, so we had dinner with my mother a few days prior.

For my mother, we did a two-fold reveal!  She is addicted to Tervis Tumblers, so we ordered a sweet tumbler from Pink Posh Co. (Promoted from dog grandma to human grandma).  We had her open this gift first and get super excited and emotional about the idea of a grandchild coming soon.  Once the initial shock wore off I told her I forgot a second portion of her gift and handed her a picture frame with the ultrasound pictures.  It took her a minute to realize there were two different pictures in the frame, and then it was waterworks all over again!  Needless to say, we had a really fun dinner after that!

Telling Hubby’s Family

Hubby had a very different reveal in mind for his family… Two years ago, his sister announced her pregnancy at his birthday.  After having a little too much fun at the beer tasting (is that possible), we opened presents.  Her card had a poem that he had to read aloud; “Ten little finger, ten little toes…” He was quite stumped, and it took a minute for the meaning of the poem to sink in!  We all had a pretty good laugh 😆

He decided that Mother’s Day was the perfect time to get back at his sister, so her card had it’s own poem inside:


Ten little finger, ten little toes…

We all know how this poem ends.  We think ours is better!

Twenty little finger, twenty little toes…

Since his birthday card also included a post-it note covering up part of the poem, he decided to have sticky notes covering Every. Single. Line. of her card.  It was pretty funny to watch!

Once his sister finished reading her card, we had his mother open her present.  It was a framed picture of these sweet onesies we purchased from Kalina’s Creations on Etsy.

There were lots of questions after we told my in-laws, especially since we had just recently told them that we were waiting for our next transfer to happen – whoops!

All in all, each reveal went perfectly and we were so excited to share our twins with our families!

Our holidays just got a little more exciting!


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