Our third FET and another Two Week Wait…

Although we were still disappointed with the results of our third round of IVF, we had two little frozen embabies waiting to be transferred during our third FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer).

Our medication regimen was similar to that of our first FET.  I used PIO (progesterone in oil), which are intramuscular shots as well as Crinone (progesterone gel) and oral estrogen.  The PIO is probably the most difficult part of the meds, since they are IM.  The injections themselves weren’t too bad, but they tended to leave lumps in my muscles, and after a while I had a very bruised, sore tush 🙄

Transfer Day!

We are always a bit anxious on transfer day.  It’s the day that decides if we will finally be starting our family or the end of another cycle.  We were a bit surprised when, as we walked in the door to check in, I was receiving a call from the clinic.  It was the doctor calling!  I will never forget the conversation… “I just wanted to double check, are we transferring two or three today?”  Three?!?!?  The last we had heard, all but two of our embryos had arrested before day 5.  Apparently the embryologist was watching another embryo and on day 6 it was appropriate to freeze, however we never received the update.  Best surprise EVER!  We opted to transfer all three embryos, as that was our original plan during our 2nd IVF cycle, given my low implantation rate.

Our Two Week Wait

For our third FET, our two week wait lined up with my father, sister and her family visiting Florida, so we had plenty of distractions!  We spent a week enjoying family time and the beach, and trying very hard not to think about our upcoming beta 😆

Unlike most couples on their TTC journey, I absolutely hate POAS (peeing on a stick).  A negative test is so discouraging to me.   Although I gave in during our two previous transfers and tested before my beta, I stuck to my guns this time around and didn’t test.  In my mind, as long as I don’t have a negative test, I’m still considered Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise, or PUPO.  I prefer to remain blissfully ignorant until my beta.

Thankfully, since our embryos are already technically 5 days old, our dreaded two week wait will only be 9 days… until then, we are thankful for all of our distractions!

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