We have options!

My uterus and ovaries are ancient.

That’s what I heard as our Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) went over our options – my uterus and ovaries were of advanced maternal age and we were at the point where if we didn’t use them, we’d lose them.  Apparently because I’m old (36!), have never had a confirmed pregnancy and am overweight (ignore the 15 lb weight loss between visits), I am not the ideal candidate to get pregnant, and most certainly won’t get pregnant without help.  I am fairly certain that this was precisely why we were sitting in his office looking at statistics on pregnancy after 35 and waiting desperately for him to tell us it was possible…

My sweet, ever patient husband sat next to me, anxiously waiting to hear the good news while the doctor continued to list off the black marks on my side of the equation, nervous for the doctor to start adding black marks on his column.  Andrew got off relatively easy – his most significant contribution to our infertility problems was a slightly higher than desirable antibody count, which may make it more difficult for the sperm to penetrate the egg.  Even this wouldn’t be a serious concern if the clock weren’t already ticking for me.

And then it came – we had options!  It might not be easy, and we weren’t in the highest success rate bracket, but there are options out there for us!  And plural options, at that!  Just like that, we had a plan 😀

We can’t wait to share our continued journey with you!  Until then…

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