Our WTF appointment

After our second round of IVF was unsuccessful, it was time to have another WTF appointment with our clinic.   A WTF appointment is your chance to talk to your doctor and figure out what the f*ck went wrong. It is also your chance to figure out what to do next. 

Walking into this appointment, I honestly had NO idea what to expect.  I was ready for our RE to tell us it was time to move on to donor eggs or adoption given the fact that only one of 8 embryos implanted, and that embryo was genetically abnormal and resulted in a miscarriage.  1 in 8 are not great odds… If it was simply an issue of not ovulating due to PCOS, you would expect IVF to address this issue and we should have a healthy, happy baby right now.  

Well, WTF?!?

One of the things that we love about our RE is how honest he is, even if it may hurt to hear what he has to say.  Our WTF appointment was no different.  We walked in, and he basically said just that to us – WTF? He had no good reason as to why this round didn’t work.  The protocol we used for our last cycle is the one that he typically uses on his “problem” patients, with good success.  The clinic had a new embryologist, but he was very impressed with her, and did not see any errors in how she managed our embabies. 

To drive the point home: 6 couples had embryo transfers during our cycle; 5 had confirmed pregnancies.  We were the only couple that did not become pregnant during this round  😥

Now what?

Our RE agreed that, due to my premature ovulation, we did not have an opportunity to see how well adding the growth hormone to our regimen worked.  He was still confident that we could be successful.  Premature ovulation happens in 3% of women on these medications – I just happen to be one of the lucky ones!  At this point, if we were willing to move forward, so was he.  After a lengthy discussion and a lot of “what ifs”, we decided to go back to our original protocol (long lupron).  We had no issues on this protocol, and achieved pregnancy on our first attempt.  Since we did have a genetically abnormal embryo on our first transfer, we did decide to move forward with preimplantation genetic testing.  This means that we will be doing a frozen embryo transfer this round, as the testing takes a little while to be completed.

So there you have it.  Once again we have a plan, and with that plan, a small glimmer of hope.  Hope that our rainbow baby is on the horizon.  Hope that 2019 is our year.

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