Here We Go Again

It seems like kismet that our third round of IVF would start almost exactly a year from our first round, and a few days after my 38th birthday.  This last year has been filled with ups and downs.  With excitement and devastation.  With new life and with loss.  And here we are, a year later, standing in almost the exact same spot, facing the exact same journey, hoping for a different outcome.  Someone please tell me this isn’t the definition of insanity…

Starting our third round of IVF

I was again started on the long lupron protocol.  I responded well to the protocol previously, so the hope is that adding hGH will improve the concerns regarding egg quality.  After a year of fertility treatments, I’m pretty good at administering my own shots now.  That being said, Hubby still gets up with me every morning to administer my AM shots.  I love that he still takes such a big role, and wants to be as involved as possible in the process.

Things went pretty smoothly for the majority of our third round of IVF – at this point we’re pros!  We actually ended up decreasing the dosage of Menopur on CD12 because I was developing a good number of follicles and our RE didn’t want to risk possible premature ovulation (again).

Our retrieval was the day after my mother’s birthday.  Our very first egg retrieval was on her birthday last year… I am choosing to focus on the positive, and hoping that this is the Universe’s way of righting a very difficult wrong and paving the path to our sweet miracle baby.

Per usual, retrieval day itself was fairly easy and I was able to sleep for the majority of the day.  I made the mistake of going back to work the day after retrieval, despite knowing how physically draining retrieval can be.  Clearly I think I’m Superwoman!


We ended up retrieving 16 beautiful eggs, 11 of which fertilized!  This is the best result we’ve had in our entire IVF journey 😀 The embryologist said that the 11 embryos were beautiful, which was so wonderful to hear. 

We had previously decided to do pre-implantation genetic testing in order to give us the best chance at conceiving, so the goal is to get as many embryos as possible to day 5 so that they can be frozen.

Unfortunately, by day 5, all but two of our embryos had arrested (stopped developing). Since we were left with only 2 embryos we opted to cancel the pre-implantation testing. We were obviously pretty devastated by the loss of so many precious embryos, but we are not out yet… we have two embabies waiting to be transferred. 

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