Who gives a crap?

Minimizing our carbon footprint and using eco-friendly products whenever possible has always been very important to me. Anyone who knows me knows I also push for reusable when possible, and recyclable if you can’t reuse. I have been able to get Andrew on board with using cloth bags, recycling anything we use (and buying things that are recyclable whenever that is an option) and using reusable vs. disposable products as much as possible.

The one place he has been hesitant to compromise is the bathroom… That is all about comfort, durability and practicality! Finding an eco-friendly toilet paper that also actually does its job has been quite the project.

I stumbled on Who Gives A Crap randomly on Facebook and decided – why not!

Tree-free is the way to be. That’s why we use only 100% recycled paper fibres, bamboo or sugarcane in our products. It saves water, carbon emissions and trees.
Trees are better for hugging than they are for wiping anyway.

I ordered and waited (in)patiently for the box to arrive – you can imagine my surprise when it arrived only 4 days after when I placed my order!

Both of us were quite impressed once it arrived, as it checked off both of our main criteria. Even my ever skeptical husband was impressed after his first use!

*it is made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste
*the roll’s paper packaging can be reused or recycled (no plastic!)
*it’s made without chlorine, inks, dyes or perfumes
           and not least of all, Andrew’s criteria –
*it has a good balance of being both soft and heavy duty (you know what I’m talking about!)

As an added bonus, 50% of the profits at WGAC go to WaterAid to fund sanitation projects in developing countries, because everyone deserves a clean place to go #2!

40% of the world’s population doesn’t have access to a toilet, and we think that’s pretty crap.

That’s why we donate 50% of our profits to help build toilets for those in need.

When placing your order, WGAC also asks a few questions to help you determine how often to order (along with a convenient autoship option) and offers free shipping on orders over $25 in the continental US.

Each roll comes individually wrapped in its pretty, reusable and recyclable paper wrapping. So far, I’ve been saving them for crafting and to use as tissue paper in presents.

Can you think of clever ways to reuse the paper?


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